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Rebecca O'Conner

Rebecca is an award-winning finance journalist and the Co- founder and Director of Good With Money

  • What is ESG and why does it matter to my investments?

    “ESG” sounds like something very technical and jargon-y. In fact, it’s an increasingly popular investment approach that takes into account Environmental, Social and Governance factors - not just financial factors - when assessing whether to buy shares in a company.

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  • Can global markets rise in the second half of 2018?

    For investors, the first half of 2018 had its ups - and downs. There have been modest declines in value across some of the world’s biggest indices in the first six months of the year: the Dow Jones index is down 1.06% since the beginning of 2018 and the FTSE 100, down 0.96%.

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  • The drop in inflation is no reason to stick with cash

    If you are a saver concerned about the value of your money, the chances are you will have noticed the recent dip in inflation.

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  • What are the best performing funds over five years?

    A performance horizon of five years is generally accepted as a good barometer for a fund’s overall success. A one-year time scale isn’t long enough to judge whether a fund looks like a good long term bet for your money.

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  • What you need to know about impact investing

    Impact investing (so-called because the stocks and funds on offer have a positive impact on society, or the environment, or both) is fast gaining followers, not just for its morally virtuous stance, but for the returns, too.

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  • Cash ISA versus Stocks and Shares ISA

    It can be tricky to work out how to organise your investments to make the best use of tax allowances and optimise returns.

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  • How to provide an early inheritance for your family

    If you have assets you always imagined you’d pass down to family members, perhaps so that your grandchildren could buy a first home or pay for university education, you could be in for a wake-up call.

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  • Why should I invest in an IPO?

    Companies choose to make an Initial Public Offering (IPO) mainly to raise funds for future growth but sometimes it can also be to increase the awareness or stature of the company.

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  • Investment Fund Managers

    Entrusted with billions of pounds of other peoples’ money, fund managers have some big responsibilities. It’s no surprise they mostly have a long list of qualifications, not to mention years of experience and oodles of acumen.

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  • Investment and retirement considerations for self employed

    You might enjoy the benefit of being in charge of your own work, but you can end up paying for this freedom in other ways.

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  • Expectations vs. Reality: The increasing gap affecting retirement

    Investing for a comfortable retirement is an ongoing process not a one-off exercise. You will need to check you are on course to achieve the required level of income when you give up work as interest rates and returns from different assets may change over time.

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  • Pension Vs ISA - How does the tax work?

    If you are planning your own retirement savings on top of any workplace scheme you might have, then trying to choose between the many different options could leave you confused and frazzled.

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  • Six retirement money management tips

    Knowing how to manage a pension pot can be complex – even if you have had access to it for a while. But there’s a lot you do to make sure you get the most from it.

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  • How to invest spare money wisely

    So much of our money goes on what is called “disaggregated spending”, lots of small purchases that on their own, don’t add up to much, but together, take up quite a chunk of income.

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