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Our improvements

  • Our improvements

    We’re working hard to continue to improve our platform

At Selftrade, we’re working hard to continue to improve our platform for you, our customers.

After the launch of our new website in December 2017, we have been listening to your feedback, and have created a roadmap of improvements.

We believe we can build a better platform by involving you in the development. For this reason, we appreciate and value your feature requests, ideas and feedback as we do this. This page is where we will keep you informed on upcoming changes, as well as those already made.

Key changes we have made are:


  • Decluttered the dashboard to simplify the view - so you only see what you need
  • Reduced the size of the purple banner so you can see more of the dashboard


  • Reduced the amount of information displayed to you when placing a trade
  • Made the default trade type to ‘At best’

    Both of which mean you can place trades more quickly and easily.


  • Created the function to both ‘Invest all’ or ‘Sell all’ when making a trade so you can invest all of the money in your selected account
  • Created ability to place trades one after the other with the ‘Trade again’ function on the completed trade confirmation page
  • Allowed you to amend your order as you trade for an improved route-to-dealer process
  • Made improvements to the regular investment and regular deposit process
  • Cash statements can now be downloaded as PDFs
  • Enabled the ability to select a default log out time when you have been idle
  • Improved the usability of your secure message inbox

These are simple changes to help your experience, but we hope you agree they help towards making the trading journey easier for you.

We have many more improvements planned for the dashboard and secure message inbox – watch this space to find out more.

If you would like to be involved with our improvements you can share with us your feature requests, ideas and feedback. Or, if you would like to help us with testing upcoming changes, we are looking for interested customers to assist us.

To take part, simply email with your contact information.

I've still got questions!

Our experts are on hand to help at our UK based Customer Experience Centre on 0345 0700 720