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How do Selftrade fees work

  • How do Selftrade fees work?

    Find out how our account fees can work for you

There's no one size fits all

At Selftrade, we have set out to keep costs low but we don’t advertise one fee, for one simple reason. What you pay depends upon the type of investments you hold and the type and frequency of trades you make. With pricing tailored to your investment activity, what other fees can you expect?

As we act as the custodian of our investors’ assets, all our customers pay a Custody Fee. But, if you trade shares twice in a quarter (£10.99), you will offset this cost. It’s part of our commitment to remain competitive for every DIY investor.

So, although your overall fees will vary based on your trading activity, these scenarios here will show you that it pays to think Selftrade.

Trading Scenarios

The following scenarios are based on holding a single account (ISA or SIPP*) and a Dealing Account (held free of charge). The Custody Fee would be £17.49.

*SIPP fees do not include fees charged by your SIPP provider, see our fees page for more detail.

*ETPs (including ETFs), Investment Trusts and Mutual Funds (including Unit Trust and OEICs) also incur charges from the provider of the investment. Please see their website, prospectus or Key Information Document (KID) for their charges.

Save by consolidating your fees

Research suggests that the average investor has funds with more than one provider. That can mean duplicating and paying more in unnecessary fees.

By consolidating your investments with Selftrade, you can take advantage of our market leading rates. Here’s how that can make a difference.

More than £1,400 better off with Selftrade in just 10 years

The illustration below shows how much more your investment could be worth after 10 years by consolidating with Selftrade. This scenario is based on a total investment of £40,000 held in ISAs with Selftrade and a leading competitor. A total of £10 ,000 is held with Selftrade across four different stocks with the remaining £30,000 held with a leading competitor and spread across four funds.

1. By consolidating everything with Selftrade, a saving of £111 is realised in the first year due to the low flat quarterly fee and a Funds Platform Fee that is 30% lower than a leading competitor

2. The £111 fee saving is invested into a fund with assumed average market returns of 4% p.a.

3. The annual fee savings are reinvested each year over a 10-year period.

4. After 10 years, the reinvested fee savings are now worth £1,486.

5. As a percentage of net returns on the £40,000 (now worth £59,210 assuming the same 4% market returns), the fee savings equate to a 7.7% uplift in investment returns.

Protecting your investment

We are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA, which means we comply with all FCA regulations as the custodian of your money. We hold your money separately to our own to keep this secure. Under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme your investment portfolio is protected up to the value of £85,000 with each broker or investment platform.

Please remember, that each individual investment you hold must also be regulated in order to receive the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. See for further details.


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