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Transfer to Us

  • Transfer to Us

    At Selftrade, we're here to help your investments go further

Transfer to Selftrade

and take advantage of our cashback offer...

• You can receive up to £300 cashback to cover any transfer fees you may be charged from your current provider. That’s £100 per account transferred (ISA, Dealing Account or SIPP). T&Cs apply.
• It’s simple and hassle free to open or transfer an account to us, it takes less than 10 minutes
• Get competitive fees, and access to frequent trader rates
• We beat 3 out of 4 London Stock Exchange quotes
• We’re a trusted and well-known provider, authorised and regulated by the FCA

Transfer an account and investments to us in three easy steps


Firstly, choose which account type you’d like to transfer into and open the new account with us online. For a SIPP transfer, see below.

Open an Account


Once your new account is open, download and complete the relevant transfer in form - download forms can be found below*.

Transfer a Dealing Account

Transfer an ISA


Return the completed forms to us and we’ll take care of the transfer from your old provider to your new Selftrade account.

To transfer a SIPP see our step-by-step guides

Customers with a SIPP

You can transfer existing pensions or SIPPs into your SIPP with Selftrade to take control of how your money is invested.

Learn more

Customers opening a SIPP

Once you have opened a SIPP you can also transfer other pensions or SIPPs to manage these investments from your Selftrade account.

Learn more

New Selftrade Customers

When you open a Selftrade SIPP you can also transfer over other pensions or SIPPs to manage these investments from your Selftrade account.

Learn more

Find out more about the different account types we offer

Dealing Account

Our most flexible account with no limit on how much you can invest and no restrictions on what you can invest in.

Learn more

Stocks and Shares ISA

A tax-free dealing account that gets your cash working harder for you and allows access to your money at any time.

Learn more

Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

This can put you in control of how your retirement fund is invested and also offers attractive tax advantages.

Learn more

I've still got questions!

We’re on hand to help at our Customer Experience Centre on 0345 0700 720