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Transfer into your SIPP

  • Transfer into your SIPP

    You can transfer assets from existing SIPPs or other pensions to take control of how your money is invested

Three easy steps to transfer

Number 1

Request a transfer

Your SIPP provider (Gaudi or your chosen SIPP provider from our panel) as the administrator of your SIPP must perform any transfers on your behalf.

So please contact your provider directly to request a transfer of assets from other types of pensions or SIPPs to your Selftrade SIPP.

Number 2

Transfer started

Your SIPP provider will arrange the transfer with your other provider(s).

  • Existing Investments will be transferred straight from the other provider(s) into your Selftrade SIPP*.
  • Cash will be transferred to your SIPP provider first, then you can request for this to be moved into your Selftrade SIPP account.

Transfer times can vary, please see our guide below.#

*We can only hold stock market investments, commercial property can’t be held on the Selftrade platform.

Number 3

Transfer complete

Once you see the cash or assets in your Selftrade account, your transfer is complete and you can now manage your investments in your SIPP.

Transfer times

The time it takes to transfer a SIPP or other types of pensions can vary because each provider will have their own processes. The following is a guide to expected times:

  • Transfers of existing investments can take up to 30 days
  • Funds, foreign equities or complex instruments may take between 6 to 8 weeks to transfer
  • If you transfer cash, this is usually faster than other asset classes

I've still got questions!

We’re on hand to help at our Customer Experience Centre on 0345 0700 720