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Our Fees

  • Our Fees

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Benefits of a Selftrade account

Competitive rates and value added extras – all as standard for our Selftrade customers


Frequent trader rate available when you trade more than 20 times per calendar month


Access one of the most competitive standard online Dealing Commission rates across all types of securities 


Our lowest trade rate available on all Regular Investment and Dividend Reinvestment services


Our price improvement service that beats the London Stock Exchange quote, 3 out of 4 times


Free access to market leading data, insight and tools - powered by Morningstar


Free access to investor events and seminars – exclusive to Selftrade and hosted by industry experts

Dealing commission

Our standard online dealing fees are the same across all account types

Frequent trader rates apply after 20 trades have been made in any one calendar month and the reduced rate will remain in place until end of the month. This will apply per customer and not per account – so if you hold two or three account types, under the same customer number, we calculate your trading rate based on the number of trades you have made across all of those accounts.

Other Dealing fees

Custody fees

* Any online commission, ETF commission, Regular Investment commission, Dividend Reinvestment commission or Fund platform fee paid in the quarter will be used to offset against the Custody Fee.

Free Dealing account – when you hold and ISA or SIPP, you won’t be charged the £4.99 product fee on this account

Funds Platform fee

A fee based on the aggregated value of your fund holdings (Unit Trusts and OEICs) across all your accounts will be charged quarterly via a tiered structure based on the bands indicated below. The fee will be taken pro-rata from each account. 

Please note - if you close your account or transfer out to another provider, the funds platform fee will be charged pro rata based on the value of your fund holdings up to the point of transfer/closure. This will be in addition to any transfer charges which are applicable.

Other fees and charges

General duties and levies

In addition to our charges and fees, customers should be aware of other general duties and levies that apply to share trading. These are levies are applied by the local government in the jurisdiction you are trading  and may vary from time to time.

Banking charges

Any charges incurred by us as a consequence of payment failures or special payment instructions will be automatically debited from your Selftrade account.

Interest payable on dealing accounts

Gross interest rate applied to whole balance *.

* The indicated rates are payable on cash held in all dealing account types except Child Trust Funds. We pay interest monthly, normally on the first working day of each month. Interest is calculated separately for each account type held. Credit interest is paid gross of UK income tax and you should, where applicable, account separately for any tax due.

Probate valuation

Other fees

A PDF version of our fees can be found here

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