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Limit and Stop Orders

What are Limit and Stop Orders?

Limit and Stop Orders can be set up to allow your investments to be automatically bought or sold when a certain price is reached, meaning you can take advantage of any potential increases to a share price or limit your losses when a share price falls.

There’s no cost to set up Limit and Stop Orders and it can be done online or over the phone in a matter of minutes.


Once an order is set up you can cancel it at any time before it is actioned.

Using Limit and Stop Orders to plan investments is typically more suited to experienced investors so you should fully understand how they work before you use them.

There are five different types of order you can set

Sell Limit

You can set a Sell Limit Order so that an investment is sold once it reaches a specific price. Simply decide the price at which you would like to sell your investment and we’ll do the rest.

Buy Limit

If you would like to buy an investment when it drops to a certain price, then you can set a Buy Limit Order. Your order will be actioned once the set price is reached.

Stop Buy

A Stop Buy Order comes into action if you want to buy an investment when its price has risen to a certain level. You can use this if you anticipate that the price will rise even higher and you want to invest when it’s on its way up.

Stop Loss

A Stop Loss Order allows you to avoid large losses on an investment. You set a price below which you wish to “cut your losses” and sell the investment. Once that price is reached, the investment will be automatically sold.

Trailing Stop Loss

A Trailing Stop Loss Order is a way you can set a moving Stop Loss Order. You can use this if the investment price is rising and you want to try and capture a certain amount of profit in case it falls.

Using a Trailing Stop Loss

When using a Trailing Stop Loss, if the investment price peaks and starts to fall, we will monitor it and, if it falls by the amount (or percentage) which you have set, we will automatically sell your investment. See the example below, where the customer, sets a 20p “trigger”

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