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Dealing Account

  • Dealing Account

    Take a hands on approach with this flexible, unrestricted and easy-access account

    Open a Dealing Account

Set up in minutes with our easy online application process

  • Perfect if you’ve reached your ISA limit
  • Access to a wide range of investments both in the UK and overseas
  • Joint application also available
  • Start regular investing from £10 per month at our lowest rate of £1.50 per investment
  • Completely unrestricted and flexible
  • Option to add third parties to the account to act on your behalf

Open a Dealing Account

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Why do we have the stock market?

Stock markets are where shares are bought and sold - by huge institutions or individuals just like you.  Buying a share means that you literally own a tiny slice of that company. Share prices never stand still and move up and down according to investor sentiment, the company’s performance and the economic backdrop. 

Is the Dealing Account right for my investment goals?

The Dealing Account is a simple, easy to use account that has no restrictions on what you can invest in, and no limits on how much you can invest each year.

If you are new to investing and yet to open any other account type, or if you are investing for retirement, you may find the tax benefits of a Stock and Shares ISA or a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) will be better suited for your goals. An ISA shields any gains you make from tax and a pension offers generous tax relief from the Government which can boost your savings.

What can I invest in?

The Dealing Account is completely unrestricted, meaning you’ll have access to invest in our entire range of investments. This includes a wide range of mutual funds, exchange traded funds and shares from the UK and major global markets.


Open a Dealing Account

Transfer in a Dealing Account to us

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I've still got questions!

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