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Further Investment Choices

  • Further Investment Choices

    Beyond our core investment options, here are the other opportunities we offer

Other opportunities we offer

The types of investments listed below have some unusual features which make them more complex than our main investment options, such as mutual funds or ETFs, and you should be confident in your understanding of them before deciding to invest.

Some have a different tax status, which means your dividends could incur additional tax. Some also have an element of leverage, which means that potential profits or losses can be magnified and you’ll need to be aware of the special risks that apply to these types of investments


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For your protection, it is important that you read and understand the contents of these special risks and that, where required, you complete our appropriateness assessment before you can invest in these complex instruments.

When logged in to your account you will automatically be asked to complete the appropriateness assessment before investing in a complex instrument for the first time. Alternatively, you can complete a printed copy of the form using the link below, and then return it to us.


Download the Appropriateness Assessment

Investment choices

Traditional Warrants

Warrants give you the option (though not an obligation) to purchase shares at a fixed price for a specified period of time. The price of the warrant will vary depending on the price of the underlying investment, the exercise price and the time left to maturity.

Covered Warrants

Covered Warrants are issued by large financial institutions, such as Société Générale and Royal Bank of Scotland, and, similar to Traditional Warrants, give you the right to buy or sell existing shares at a fixed price by a certain date. 'Covered' relates to the requirement of the issuer to hold (or hedge) a sufficient amount of the underlying asset to cover the issue.

Covered Warrants will automatically exercise at the expiry date, are traded on the stock exchange, and are settled through your account in the normal way.

Structured Products

Issued by a range of investment companies such as RBS, Barclays Capital and Société Generalé, Listed Structured products use different financial instruments such as futures, options and swaps to create investments that provide you with a level of exposure to stock market gains coupled with guarantees to limit losses or to lock in gains as the market rises.

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